Sunday, May 3, 2009

back after hiatus...

Sonntag,3.Mai 2009

hiatus,us f. = die Lücke,die Öffnung...

so have i learned in my Latin classes. well...Hiatus,which means *roughly translated* 'Hole ; Opening' - or, 'Pause' - the translation that i think best passed to my blog-activity.

a hell looooooooooooooooooooong Pause.

well,now i'm trying to be active again. it's never to late to come back isn't it?

i'm back people!XD

*cleaning the dust...fuuh fuuuuuh*

anyway,THE concern of the month :


it's not THAT devastating after all,especially after three years i've spent being , let's just say , intelectually (TOO) challenged in my high school SmuQ -.-

now i'm just trying to find out which subjects i'm gonna pick for my final exam...
German for sure,that's one hell of subject noone can run from.
Biology or Chemistry?
Math or Physic?

lets see how well my exams are going to turn out : 18. - 20. May 2009!

...and then? i'm going to Barcelona in June ~ XD
*but i'm concerned about the Mexican Flu there D: *

Thursday, December 25, 2008

how's your Xmas? :D


first of all, allow me to say ,

singkat-tepat-padat : Frohe Weihnachten, Merry Xmas 2008! ^^

and then,let me ask you one question : 'How's Your Christmas?'

well...let me start by telling mine.

kmaren malam gw diundang sama keluarga temen gw (yang kebetulan dr Jerman) utk merayakan Weihnachten aka Natal , which means gw punya kesempatan merayakan Natal gaya Jerman asli :D datang ke rmh temen gw itu kira2 jam 4 sore (which,in this winter time,boleh dikata uda jam 4 MALAM - soalnya pas Winter thu jam 4an uda gelap DX)

trus gw bantuin mereka ngehias pohon Natal dll...n then mulailah acara utamanya : Xmas Nite's Dinner! XD

menunya sederhana aja,tp simple and clean : home-made winter salad as appetizer , lasagna + roasted turkey for main course and vanilla ice cream + bourbon sauce for dessert.

we ate, we had fun, and than we sung as well. yeah,tradisi malam Natal kluarga Jerman : makan malam bersama kluarga, trus nyanyi lagu Natal (Christmas Caroling).oh,of course in GERMAN.

awal2nya seh gw cengoh aja,ga tau sama skali lagu natal jerman kyk gmn O.O
n then bgtu sampe ke lagu 'Stille Nacht' aka 'Malam Kudus'...(n setelah gw minum bberapa gelas Red Wine :D) barulah gw mulai nyanyi2 ga jelas bersama mereka.

and i did have fun there, singing with them. smwanya nyanyi sekenceng2nya n ga peduli sumbang,fals ato pitch controlnya kacao ... pokoknya smwanya nyanyi n have fun! XD

next,acara buka kado. my friend is so nice, she gave me some small presents as well =)

what did i get? Kaos Kaki (katanya sih supaya pas Winter gw ga kedinginan :D), Coklat and ...


pas ptama kali gw buka posternya, gw rada2 SHOCK : gw bagaikan melihat penjelmaan jeng rose. seakan2 wabah virus Rosemania sudah menyebar sampai ke Jerman! *waks* O_o

well.but that's nice, at least skrg dinding kamar gw ga cuma putih bersih bagaikan dinding kamar RSJ Sumber Waras. and sekarang gw tiap malam tidur ditemani (poster) Marilyn Monroe lol

after all, tahun ini boleh dikata gw mrayakan Natal dengan baik dan benar. that means, ga cuma mrayakan Natal 'di GKY bla3' karena DIPAKSA SEKOLAH. or,mrayakan Natal di rumah bersama Oma2 teman gereja Ama gw yang nyanyi2+khotbahnya smwa dalam bhs MANDARIN.

thx to my dear friend Laurie ^^'s your Christmas then? :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear Santa...


well,maybe it's too late for me to make a wish to Santa Claus.
and it's too delutional, and too childly.
but can never have enough from their childhood , true? =)

ok goes my wish list (not that much hw3...)

Dear Santa, i wish...ehem2,in no particular order...

1. i could get a place in an Uni in Germany next year. oh,and in a GOOD university for Medicine (and - if it's possible - would you make it in Berlin or Aachen?)

2. i could be back to my beloved country Indonesia. soon. and with the best flight-price. in business class.

3. i could get a nice girl for my girlfriend - coz almost all of my friends had got one already.
n she should have a nice pair of legs , a nice body and a fresh 'high-fashion' face , that i could photograph anytime. alah.

4. i could go to BALI for holiday!!! damn it, my family is in B.A.L.I for XMas + New Year holiday , and i'm STUCK here in Berlin?! Dunia ini sungguh tidak adil.

5. i could buy that damnly cool Nutcracker and Crystal-Snoworb in the 'Weihnachtsmarkt' - with discount! *wah medan gw muncul lagi neh lol*

and finally, i wish i'm not THAT delutional to think that you could make all of my wish come true.
well,maybe just one or two of them , perhaps? i would REALLY love to have that nutcracker and crystal orb :D *setengah berharap*

one more last wish : gw harap bahasa Inggris gw ga makin kacao tahun depan, which you can see in this posting that my English is really,REALLY chaotic now DX

well then...i wish u all Merry Xmas then! Have a nice and blessed Christmas ^^

Frohe Weihnachten alle! :D

*preparing for a traditional ala Germany Xmas party tomorrow nite*

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chinese New Year ad...


Petronas' Chinese New Year Ad

one commercial about Chinese New Year, that REALLY touched my heart (and made me laugh as well lol)

spot iklan sederhana tp menyentuh :
Ama2 sedang ngumpul2 dan makan bareng...lalu mulailah mereka bergosip ria - n tema favorit (typical Chinese) Ama2 : menggembar-gemborkan ttg kesuksesan anak2nya - anaknya dokter lha, lawyer lha, pinter cari duit lha, dll...and guess what?! DALAM DIALEK HOKKIEN XD

which made me laugh , karena gw bnr2 ngerti setiap kalimat di iklan itu (yeah - wa si Hokkien Lang slash Medan Lang tapi bukan ngko2 Glodok,alah) ,
and yet yes,tiap kali Ama gw ngumpul2 sama tmn2nya dan bergosip - ujung2nya akan muncul juga tema 'my son/daughter/grandson/granddaughter is successful , bla3...' itu.

...i wonder if that's a typical Chinese stereotype?XD

anyway...di ujung commercial itu,muncul sebuah mobil tak jelas dari mana - dan itu ternyata adalah anak cowonya salah satu Ama di iklan itu n anaknya selalu ngunjungin dia dan bawa dia jalan2 sama keluarganya.

well...that's really touching.

coz fact is, i think round 90% of working Chinese DON'T do that - they just visit their family (in this case, mom/dad) on CHinese New Year. On the other day of the year?


the fact that the son visits his mom and takes her around with him in a family-trip , well - i wonder if my family can be like that as well? =(

...and i wonder if I can be like that son in the commercial as well?

only time knows...

a simple yet strong message in this ad :

Love of the family is life's greatest blessing =)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mother Mother


by Tracy Bonham

Mother mother how's the family?
I'm just calling to say hello.
How's the weather? how's my father?
Am I lonely? heavens no.
Mother mother are ya listening? just a phone call to ease your mind.
Life is perfect, never better, distance making the heart grow fond.

When you sent me off to see the world,
Were you scared that I might get hurt?
Would I try a little tobacco,
Would I keep on hiking up my skirt?

I'm hungry,
I'm dirty,
I'm losing my mind...
Everything's fine!

I'm freezing,
I'm Starving,
I'm Bleeding death...
Everything's fine!

Yeah, I'm working, making money, I'm just starting to build a name.
I can feel it, around the corner, I could make it any day.
Mother mother can you hear me, sure I'm sober, sure I'm sane.
Life is perfect, never better, still your daughter, still the same.

If I tell you what you want to hear,
Will it help you to sleep well at night?
Are you sure that I'm your perfect dear,
Now just cuddle up and sleep tight.

I'm hungry,
I'm dirty,
I'm losing my mind...
Everything's fine!

I'm freezing,
I'm starving,
I'm bleeding to death...
Everything's fine!

I miss you,
I love you.


Belakangan ini gw mulai meninggalkan J-Pop-Mania gw n skrg mulai lbh banyak dengerin lagu2 Barat,terutama dr lagu2 Rock tahun 90an. and then, i found this song - Mother Mother by Tracy Bonham. this song, just ROCKS!XD

and not only that...lagu ini surprisingly bisa menggambarkan dengan cukup akurat,bagaimana komunikasi gw n nyokap gw sekarang.

di lagu ini,si 'daughter' digambarkan menelepon mamanya - cm bwat basa basi dll supaya nyokapnya tenang n bisa tidur pulas di malam hari tanpa harus mengkhawatirkan kondisi anaknya itu.

no matter what happens to her,si 'daughter' selalu bilang '' Everything's fine '' - eventhough she's hungry,dirty,freezing,starving,bleeding to death,losing her mind...but everything's fine!


me too.

slama gw di jerman komunikasi gw sm bonyok gw terbatas pada SMS ato kadang2 chatting setiap akhir minggu (yg bnr2 menguras waktu,krn nyokap gw pas ngetik balasan message di MSNnya bnr lambaaaaaatttttt...1 kalimat 3 menit kali D:), n gw sangat amat jarang sekali telpon ke Indo - krn MAHAL DX lebih sering bonyok gw yg nelpon ke Jerman , itupun cuma kalo ada hal2 penting yg harus segera dibicarakan.

anyway,gw juga selalu ngomong ke bonyok gw 'Everything's Fine' - meski mungkin pada saat itu gw lagi dihadapkan pada suatu masalah yang blum bisa gw pecahkan sendiri. misalnya, sekarang gw sedang struggle karena masalah Visa gw :
Visa gw uda habis masa berlakunya,that means gw harus perpanjang visa gw segera. Problem is, petugas2 kantor perpanjangan visanya MOGOK KERJA krn minta naik gaji DX
akhirnya gw ga bisa perpanjang visa, n harus 'ilegal' di Jerman sampai mogok kerja ini berakhir - yang jangka waktunya masih tidak ditentukan dan dapat terus diperpanjang selama gaji mereka blum dinaikkan. sungguh hina D:<

well but anyway, what did i say to my mother? ... 'Everything's Fine'

hm...i wonder,apakah apa yg gw perbuat ini bener ato ga? menurut gw sih itu hanya 'little white lies'... :D

oh,and another thing that this song DOESN'T picture quite accurately : i'm a BOY, that means i'm not a DAUGHTER from my mom! lol

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Meine 10 Schlechte Gewöhnheiten :D


yeah,pagi2 buta saya ngeblog!*ga bisa tidur*

anyway,berhubung saya sedang berbahagia sekali karena Herbstferien aka libur musim gugur gw uda mulai - plus karena smwa klausur2 aka ujian mid semester gw uda lewat...maka saya akan memBUKA top 10 kebiasaan jelek gw! XD
(and juga skalian bwat memenuhi -shall we say request or challenge?- Tagnya jeng Seyren :D)

and btw yes,it's better than blogging about Sarah Palin anyway. goes nothing!


- each blogger must post there rules
- each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves
- bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules. at the and of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names
- don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog
- and last but not least, FREE WILLING! kalo ga mau kerjain ya ndak papa. kalo mau ya pasti seru banget. hehehehe (peraturan sendiri ala me)

ehem2. in no particular order... (ala Miss Universe XD)

I watch ANTM every cycle - every week , and even have all of the photoshoots saved in my computer.
yeah - meski gw mati2an menghujat Tyrant Banks karena dia lebay,delusional,tidak rasional dan ga mau ngaku bahwa dia BORDERLINE PLUS SIZED, tapi gw tetep langganan ntn ANTM every cycle and every week.
Bahkan gw rajin save gambar2 photoshootnya ANTM tiap minggu , and i did it for EVERY CYCLE, bahkan sampai sekarang uda cycle 11 juga gw masi save2 gambarnya tiap minggu. sungguh hobi yang tidak sehat,alah.
Lama2 gw bisa jadi ANTM-Maniac...or am i already one?D:

i MELT in front of beautiful/smart/good-looking Ladies <3
ehem2.i am , indeed ,a boy. who is in his post teenage years.oh,and i'm not gay.
that explains all , doesn't it?
the problem is, gw cenderung jadi speechless atau salah tingkah kalo dihadapkan kepada cw atraktif yang termasuk tipe gw, singkat kata : I MELT.

hm...kebiasaan buruk ini memang sudah mengakar dalam2 ke diri gw, karena pada dasarnya gw emang bukan sport-type - body gw ga atletis, and mnrt gw sport itu hanya penghabisan energi yang sia2.
apalagi diperparah dengan kebiasaan gw pas masa2 SMP dan SMA : berkumpul dengan teman2 di pojok pewe dan bergosip-ria selama jam olahraga sampai ditegor oleh guru olahraganya.
...apakah saya berdosa? a lot of people did it anyway *uhuk2jengseyrendanbomonjuga* XD

i gossip.A LOT.
kebiasaan inilah yang paling sering gw praktekkan dalam kehidupan sehari2,even here in Germany too.
but c'mon...ini adalah salah satu cara paling efektif untuk BERSOSIALISASI, setuju?!XD
bahkan gw belajar ngebacot,ngegosip,ngobrol-ria-ga-jelas berkomunikasi dalam bahasa Jerman juga melalui bergosip ria dengan temen2 sekelas gw :D
tapi kadang2 karena mulut saya yang jahat ini, banyak korban yang berjatuhan XD
hm...memang lidah adalah senjata paling ampuh dalam perang.

hm...trutama sejak gw datang ke Jerman sini,makanan gw uda ga kekontrol lagi sama nyokap D:
jadilah menu makanan gw sehari2 mencakup daging2an berlemak , tanpa sayuran dan buah2an sama skali DX
tambahkan lagi dengan snack2 yang menumpuk di kamar gw, maka jadilah saya gendut.
Madame Seyren and Madame Rose might have a lot to say about this D: berhubung gw tidak termasuk dalam kalangan yang mengaku2 dengan gelar 'Lady',maka prinsip MGM (Makan-Gendut-Mati) itu tidak berlaku di gw! XD

i tend to trust people too easily D:
gw klo uda namanya percaya orang maka cenderung percaya apa pun yg dia katakan. dan biasanya gw gampang percaya orang,apalagi temen gw yang uda rada deket gtu.
...yang sering dipergunakan tmn gw utk isengin gw, karena gw dengan polosnya dengan bodohnya cenderung akan percaya apapun yg mereka katakan D:
rather like a stupid loyal dog,am i not?XD

i buy books without considering too much.
oh la la...ini dia kebiasaan buruk gw yang bnr2 bikin repot gw skrg di Jerman, terutama pas pindahan. oh,n adalah kebiasaan yang membuat saya merasa BERDOSA DX
gw klo yg namanya belanja buku itu uda GA TERKONTROL, bagaikan tante2 kalo belanja baju di mangdu.omg.
di indo sih kebiasaan gw ini terkontrol oleh nominal uang jajan gw yang ga gede2 amat, tp di Jerman?! ... no control ... gw blanja buku sampe gila2an. apalagi di jerman sini tiap minggu ada bazaar buku second-hand gtu,di mana tiap buku bisa didapat dengan harga 1 euro atau bahkan 50 cent ! XD
...harga murah, pilihan banyak (bahkan buku bhs Inggris jg cm 50 cent - 6000 rupiah!) , kualitas ga jelek2 amat ... jadilah gw borong buku seliar Lady kalo dilepas ke butik2 di Paris.
...hasilnya? 3 KARDUS GEDE BUKU,YANG HARUS GW BAWA PAS PINDAHAN KOTA - beratnya kira2 70an Kilo!DX
...n the worst of it is : gw beli buku2nya karena merasa isinya menarik,covernya menarik,tp baru beberapa aj yang bener2 pernah gw baca.

i'm rather PUSHY.
kadang2 kalo gw lagi pengen banget sesuatu,gw bakal keukeuh bersikeras sampe gw dapatkan apa yg gw mau.
...biasanya seh kalo gw mo mengorek2 gosip dari sumber yang tertutup,kebiasaaan ini terbukti sangat berguna XD
oh,n biasanya juga sangat berguna pas tugas kelompok - di mana gw akan mendorong , kalo perlu sampe jatuh , temen2 gw utk mencari bahannya dan gw tinggal mengetik makalahnya.
sungguh pola pikir dan tingkah laku yang sederhana, namun efektif.

i am RUDE.
...that's why the name of this blog is a RUDE dog, got it? :D
and that's why my nickname in one (and the only) forum that i joined is : Mad.Fairy.
coz i'm madly rude. kadang2 gw bisa menghancurkan suatu barang 'tanpa sengaja' , contohnya casing handphone gw yg sekarang ga bisa bertahan lagi tanpa bantuan selotip - karena gw 'ga sengaja' jatuhin HP gw berkali2 DX

i really CAN'T express my feelings.
call me cold,call me boring,whatever. gw plg ga bisa yg namanya mengutarakan perasaan gw, apakah gw lagi sedih ato lagi marah , love or hate , that kind of things.
gw bahkan ga pernah ngmg 'i love you mom' atau meluk sodara2 gw sekedar utk mengungkapkan bahwa gw care sm mereka smwa.
...well yeah,i'm cold. but that's the cold truth.
damn,i feel kinda like Elina ANTM 11,this 'control' thing D:


well,that's my 10 bad habits! ^^

i tagged...well,i'm still considering anyway - coz i don't have THAT much of friends who blogs, and a lot of them are already tagged by madame Seyren.
...damn,i'm robbed D:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Meet Dogi Oka -.-


well,i can't stand it let's make it clear : OK, i admit that i DO look like Masi Oka.

yeah,ntah knapa sejak gw ke jerman mendadak berat badan gw bertambah (omg!kalori!MGM!alah XD) n EFEKNYA ADALAH,MUKA GW BERTAMBAH BULET.

dan ntah kenapa pula,mungkin karena bone-structure muka gw mirip2 sama Masi Oka ,muka gw semakin mirip sama si pemeran karakter Hiro Nakamura di drama seri USA terkenal HEROES itu.

Serupa tapi tak sama, lihat saja di gambar perbandingan di bawah ini - yang dibuat dengan apik oleh my biggest fan temen deket gw si Ben :

Left : Dogi Oka. Right : Masi Oka.
...wait,or is it the other way around?D:

...untungnya si Ben ini ga mirip sama Ando Masahashi - temen deketnya Hiro Nakamura , kalo ga gw n dia bisa2 jadi pemeran penggantinya Masi Oka n James Kyson Lee d...well,ato Cosplaynya -.-

selama ini gw cuek2 aja pas dibilang mirip sama si Masi Oka,soalnya toh yg ngmg thu cm temen2 gw - which is rather intended to be a JOKE actually.

waktu itu gw mikir ''s just a friendly joke anyway...paling abis bbrapa saat bakal dilupain'

so,i did forget it. for a while.

until recently last week. gw lagi di party gtu,diundang sama tmn gw...n tiba2 datang bbrp orang gtu ke gw n ngmg : *terjemahan bebas dan tidak tersumpah,alah*

Mereka : 'you know what,tau ga sih kamu mirip2 sama siapa?'
Gw : *menhela nafas n sudah kira2 tahu jawabannya apa* 'yeah'
Mereka : 'Siapa coba?' *senyum2 ga jelas*
Gw : *diem sejenak...marasa rada2 swt*
Gw : '...Hiro Nakamura'
Mereka : 'BETUUULLLL!!!!'XD *sambil ngakak*

...ok then,that's one hit. n then besoknya,pas gw lagi iseng2 buka2 Facebook gw...

*new Photo-comment*

*gw buka*

and here's what MY OWN COUSIN wrote :

I just realized that Hiro Nakamura is my cousin.. Awesome!!!'


ok,that's it. temen2 gw , orang ga jelas di party , bahkan sodara sepupu gw sendiri ngmg gtu... so OK then, sejak hari ini gw mengaku mirip dengan Masi Oka aka Hiro Nakamura.

oh,and you can call me DOGI OKA XD

case closed.